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Event Services

Event Services

Anyone who has orchestrated a major event understands the immense amount of work required to make everything seem simple and flawless to the intended audience. Net Events has excelled in facilitating the technical side of hundreds of events both large and small across Canada. Event technical facilitation often begins months before the event with pre-planning and lasts until shortly after the event, when all the hardware has been returned and final reports are made.


Well before the actual event, there are many decisions and considerations that need to be finalized. Bringing us into this phase of the planning will allow you to draw upon years of experience, helping to make your event easier to plan technically. We can suggest innovative ideas that will bring additional professionalism and that WOW!-Factor to your audience. Also, giving other vendors, hosts and rental companies more notice on services required can help keep costs down substantially instead of placing unexpected last minute requests.

Hardware Facilitation

Net Events has partnered with many hardware manufacturers, distributors, rental companies and vendors over the years. Often we have negotiated mutually beneficial agreements between parties to acquire the needed hardware for reduced or even no cost for a short term basis in exchange for marketing exposure. Net Events also owns a large inventory of computer systems, flat screens, networking components, printers, etc. that may be rented as required. This inventory also helps in fulfilling last minute requests or changes during the event.


All pre-configuration and planning of computer hardware, software and networking are done at the Net Events warehouse well before shipments are made to the event venue. Shipping, setup, configuration, testing and on-site support is provided by Net Events before and during the show. After the event, teardown, cleanup and shipping is looked after immediately and equipment is returned as required.


After all equipment has been returned, post event wrap-up begins. Meetings, planning for the next event, and reports are all part of post-event activities. We want to be sure that everyone is fully satisfied with all aspects of the service.

Additional Services

If there are additional services related to the technical success of your event that you require, please contact us, as our pool of industry contacts extends well beyond our scope of service and we can bring in the expertise to get the job done right.

If you require any custom developed software, web-design or registration services for your event, Net Events also provides those services as part of our intersecting specialties.

Companies We Recommend

TK Events is a distinctive event management company specializing in strategic end-to-end event communications, design and production.

Creative Visual Solutions Inc. provides customized exhibit and display solutions to marketing professionals and planners in the trade show and special event industry.

Member Area

Communication is the key to a strong team foundation. Clients can use our Project Team Area as part of our secure collaborative team project management; accessing project workflow, task management, reporting, document management services, web-mail, and project based reporting. You must have authorization to access this area.

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