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Net Events' Custom Applications department employs and networks with developers and experts in a wide array of the latest computer languages and are equipped to provide expert quality work while minimizing the cost of development. The key focus of development is in consumer and manufacturing systems (document management, quality systems, production data collection and analysis, business logic applications), commercial sale development, and website or web-applications development.

Our resume of 100% reference-able development projects include; targeted document management systems, sophisticated web-application design with integrated database structures, shipping and tracking systems, manufacturing quality and production data analysis software, and telephony IVR systems.

We believe that our biggest asset in development is the client-interaction model. In a development project, only a small part is actual code development; the largest portion being pre-planning and client feedback. Perhaps upwards to 50% of the time spent is presenting, discussing and getting feedback from the client. Without this intense cooperation, development clients may not get the desired input to the project, and may have the project turning out to not meet all expectations. By creating a teamwork atmosphere, we can focus on meeting expectations and ending up with a final result or product that the client is completely happy with, and will do the intended job 100% successfully.

Member Area

Communication is the key to a strong team foundation. Clients can use our Project Team Area as part of our secure collaborative team project management; accessing project workflow, task management, reporting, document management services, web-mail, and project based reporting. You must have authorization to access this area.

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